How to wear rings as a man?

How to wear rings as a man?

More and more men wear rings. They are the perfect addition to a watch and can complete any look. But how do you wear a ring as a man? Which finger do you wear a ring on? How many rings do you wear? And how do you combine multiple rings? With this guide you’ll know exactly how to wear and combine your rings.

1. Which finger do you wear a ring on as a man?

We get this question all the time, and our answer is fairly simple: you can wear a ring on all your fingers. Yes, even your little finger and your thumb. The ring finger is no longer exclusively intended for a wedding ring and both ring fingers can be used to wear other rings on. In other words: wear rings around the fingers where you like them best.

This may leave you a bit clueless still. Especially if you’re just starting to wear rings and still have to get used to them. So here's a tip: if you want to keep things elegant and simple, wear your ring(s) around your ring finger(s) and / or middle finger(s). If you like your accessories to stand out a bit more, then you can wear rings on your other fingers as well.

Wearing (from left to right): rings True North Nomad, Sith & Akamu 

2. Can guys wear multiple rings?

Yes, men can definitely wear multiple rings. How many rings you wear exactly depends on your style and the occasion you’re dressing for. If you want to wear several rings yet keep it subtle, you can choose to wear two rings (ring finger and middle finger) on one hand and one ring (ring finger) on the other hand.

But if your look can be a bit more outgoing, you can easily wear more than three rings. You can basically wear as many rings as you’d like. That’s because it’s not so much about the number of rings you’re wearing; it’s about the way you combine them.

Wearing left: rings Adad, Ohtli & Obi | Wearing right: rings Jabali & Adad

3. How do you combine multiple rings?

Roughly there are two types of rings: statement rings (like our rings Tian, KharJabali and Freyr) and basic rings (more subtle and elegant rings such as our Adad, Mash, Sith en Obi ring). The art of combining multiple rings is to find a nice balance between statement rings and basic rings. To not overdo it you can best divide your rings between both hands.

A few style tips:

  • Don't wear two statement rings next to each other. It’s better to skip a finger between two statement rings or wear a basic ring in between. You can also choose to wear only one statement ring per hand.

  • A statement ring almost always works well next to a basic ring.

  • Most basic rings can easily be worn next to each other.

  • When wearing multiple rings, play with various ring widths and shapes: a combination of widths and shapes usually looks best.

  • You can also play with heights: adding a ring above the knuckle creates a stylish hand.

Wearing left: rings Adad & Jabali | Wearing right: rings Sith & Iko

4. Can guys wear their rings everywhere?

Another question that we are often asked and which is actually quite hard to answer. Because everyone is different and so are the places we go to. But in general, as a man you can wear your rings pretty much everywhere – even to most office jobs. If you’re dressing for a more formal or corporate setting, you can tailor your accessories to that and choose to wear fewer rings or a more subtle combination of (basic) rings.

Wearing left: rings Akamu & Obi | Wearing right: rings Freyr & Iko

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