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Privacy & Cookies

Taj Amsterdam respects the privacy of all users of her website and makes sure your personal data will be treated and processed confidentially. Personal data is any data that can be used, directly or indirectly, to identify you as a person.

Taj Amsterdam uses your personal data to make sure orders can be processed quickly and smoothly. Taj Amsterdam won’t share your personal data with third parties, except for those parties who are essential to process your order.

In this privacy policy we explain how your personal data, collected via www.taj.nl, will be processed and protected. 

Taj Amsterdam collects personal data 
To be able to provide our services, we collect personal data. We can collect and save your personal data when you visit our website, register for an account, place an order or when you contact us. Through this privacy policy we ask your permission to process your personal data. You have the right and opportunity to decline our cookies. When you choose to do so, we simply won’t store certain personal data, like your preferences.

What type of personal data to we collect? 
It requires certain personal data for us to be able to deliver our services to you and process your order. We collect your: 
- Full name 
- Address 
- Contact details (email address and telephone number) 
- Date of birth
- Billing address
- Payment details
- Order history (on www.taj.nl)
- IP address 
- Website behavior (for example, we can see which pages on www.taj.nl you have visited and the amount of time you spent on this specific page)

Why do we collect your personal data?
We can use your personal data to:
- Provide our services or deliver products to you that you have ordered via www.taj.nl
- Contact you about your order when necessary (when something is unclear or has changed for example).
- Make it possible for you to register and create an account, so you can easily consult your order history, personal data and invoices. An account makes it easier to place a new order in the future. 
- Be able to send you our newsletter. We will only send you this newsletter if you subscribed to it yourself. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter. In our newsletter you can find updates about new collections, promotions, events, etcetera.
- To analyze your behavior so that we can learn more about your product preferences. This enables us to improve our website and align our website to your preferences. 
- To make sure we can provide everything that supervisors, tax authorities and investigative authorities. 
- To give you the chance to respond to an article or to write a testimonial about one of our products. When you want to do either of those things, we will ask your name and email address. Only your name will be displayed on our website; your email address will not be shared and will be completely processed only internally. We have the right however to not publish comments or testimonials that don’t meet our website conditions.  

How long do we retain your data?
When you place an order in our webshop, then we will retain your personal data indefinitely. This enables us to keep our business registration and administration accurate and to find your order in case of warranty issues later on. When you choose to register and make an account, we also store the personal data that you provide us with in your account. You can see, edit or delete your personal data at any time.

Wat zijn jouw rechten met betrekking tot jouw persoonlijke gegevens?
Je hebt het recht om informatie op te vragen over de persoonlijke gegevens die wij van jou beschikken. Je mag ons te allen tijde vragen deze gegevens te wijzigen, aan te vullen of verwijderen. Als je een account hebt, kun je dit ook zelf via onze website doen. Wij zullen jouw gegevens op verzoek verwijderen mits er geen wettelijke verplichting is om deze te bewaren (zoals voor onze boekhouding) of een legitieme reden om jouw gegevens te bewaren (zoals een onbetaalde factuur). Wil je contact met ons opnemen over jouw persoonlijke gegevens, dan kun je een email sturen naar [email protected].

What are your rights?
If you want to see, edit or delete your personal data that we collected (and that cannot be accessed via your account) we ask you to make this request by sending an email to [email protected] and to include a copy of a valid ID. This way we can make certain that you are indeed the person asking permission to see, edit or delete your own data. To protect your own privacy, we ask you to make your photo, MRZ (stroke of numbers at the bottom of your passport) and social security number invisible (black). We will try to respond to your request within 5 business days. 

Who can access your personal data?
Your personal data may be shared within Taj Amsterdam. We never share, sell or swap data to third parties outside Taj Amsterdam, unless this is necessary to provide you with our services and process your order, like the software companies that keep our website running, shipping agents to ship your order (PostNL and DHL), media agencies that distribute our newsletter (MailChimp), payment services like Mollie (for iDeal payments) and your credit card company. These parties are obliged to handle your data confidentially.

Changes to our privacy policy
We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. That’s why we advise you to check it regularly. 

Our website includes links to other websites. These other websites do not fall under our supervision, meaning that this privacy policy does not apply to these websites. 

In order to provide better service when visiting our website, we use cookies. These are techniques to collect information that will make the use of our website more convenient. Cookies make it possible for you to stay logged in to our website for example and that your wish list will be saves. They also keep track of your shopping cart when doing your online shopping at our website.

Cookies are tine text files that are saved to your computer and that you can delete form your computer any time you want. After deleting your cookies, you will however after log in on our website again. You can also adjust your browser so that you do not receive cookies while shopping at our website.

Are cookies scary or risky? Absolutely not. Using cookies is completely safe. E-mail and tele marketing are NOT a result of cookies. Cookies do not safe your personal information, nor are they used to build a personal user profile.

Contact details 
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E-mail: [email protected]/[email protected]

Company details:
KvK naam: Taj Amsterdam
KvK nummer: 60160594 
BTW nummer/VAT: NL178068317B01


This privacy policy was last updated on September 5th 2019.