Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is sustainably crafted and consists of various precious materials. By nature, silver and gold are soft precious metals; no matter how carefully you treat your jewelry, signs of wear are inevitable with time. We actually consider this to be part of the magic of jewelry: you enjoy your jewelry for a lifetime and so, just like you, your jewelry starts to tell a story. Your story. The charming imperfections that appear over time will make your jewelry pieces even more of personal treasures.

This does not mean however that you yourself have no influence on the speed at which and the extent to which wear and tear will appear. To ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful for as long as possible, we would like to provide you with the care instructions below.

To ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful for as long as possible and to prevent the color of gold plated jewelry from fading too quickly, it is important that you follow these instructions:

  1. Avoid contact with water. This means taking off your jewelry before washing your hands, showering, swimming, doing the dishes and during any other activity where there is a chance your jewelry will come into contact with water.
  2. Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place without direct sunlight, moisture (such as a bathroom) or heat. Make sure they can't scratch from contact with your other jewelry either.
  3. Avoid contact with perfume, oils, lotions and antibacterial gels, and make sure your jewelry does not come into contact with chlorine and chemicals (such as cleaning products). Also try to avoid contact with sweat.
  4. Take off your jewelry before going to bed, working in the garden, playing sports, cleaning or doing manual work that puts stress on the jewelry or causes friction. This is important to prevent scratches and pitting.

Like mentioned above, sterling silver is a soft precious metal, too. This means that scratches, tarnishing and dents can occur in your jewelry just by wearing it. To keep your silver jewelry as beautiful as possible, we recommend that you take it off when you go to bed, go work in the garden, play sports, clean or do anything else that can put a strain on your jewelry. It is also important that you take off your jewelry carefully, and make sure you avoid bending the jewelry (like bracelet cuffs) while doing this. 

Silver can also darken over time. How quickly that happens depends on various factors. You can keep your silver jewelry beautiful for longer by avoiding contact with chemical products (such as soaps, lotions, oils and gels), taking off your jewelry when you perspire and by storing it in a clean and dry place (not the bathroom!). Moreover, it is important to store your jewelry in such a way that it cannot be scratched by contact with other jewelry.

Did your silver jewelry turn darker, or has is it become a bit dull? Then polish your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth or silver polishing cloth and/or with a high-quality silver polish such as Silvo (available at several large supermarkets and drugstores). Your jewelry will look like new again.

Because stones are natural products, the color and design may vary slightly per stone. To keep stones beautiful, it is important to handle them consciously and carefully. For example, stones are  sensitive to sunlight, moisture, oils and chemicals: chemicals and oils can even penetrate over time and cause color changes.

Influences such as sweat, perfumes and lotions can have the same effect. To keep the stones in your jewelry as beautiful as possible, treat them with care and the same advice applies as for gold plated jewelry (see above).