Our charities


Because we believe that everything is more beautiful when you share it, we donate part of our profit to the Tree of Life initiative of the Dutch foundation Het Kan Wel! This initiative was created to restore the afforestation of arid areas, including Togo, West Africa.

We chose this foundation Because one of the Taj founders worked there for years. As a result, we have been able to see for ourselves the good that it is doing. Furthermore, we can guarantee that the money that Taj invests truly ends up where it should: in the earth.

Restoring the deforestation of our planet is very much needed. The clear-cutting in the world is not only sad, but unacceptable and even dangerous. Worldwide, a football field of forest disappears every two seconds; a threat to the survival of people and animals, the biodiversity of our planet and a major threat to climate change.

By supporting Tree of Life, Taj tries to contribute to the recovery of forests worldwide. The forests that were there before us humans, and that will be there long after we disappear again.

Together, we’re making the world a little bit greener, and a little bit more beautiful. Together, we’re helping the world both consciously and fashionably.


With our Taj MoM-collection - consisting of personalized jewelry for moms - we support MommaLuv: part of the proceeds of each MoM-piecce is used to donate a ‘newborn-package’ to a mommy and baby in a developing country. We'd love to tell you more about this beautiful collaboration.