Our Story


Taj Amsterdam makes contemporary yet timeless jewelry for men and women. Our jewelry is sustainably crafted from 100% recycled and ethically mined silver and ethically sourced gemstones. The 18k premium gold plating of our jewelry is also done by our Indonesian smiths, fairly and with respect for the environment. Taj artisans receive an honest wage and work in a safe working environment. Moreover, thanks to various programs, they can continue to develop and grow. Ethical craftsmanship with long-lasting quality, that is what we stand for.

Our designs are elegant yet edgy, iconic yet easily wearable. But Taj jewelry is about more than sustainability and aesthetics. We design our jewelry as inspirational works of art; as timeless reminders of inspiring and liberating values and philosophies of life. That is why each Taj piece carries a worldly name, meaningful detail or symbol, making our jewelry an extra beautiful gift – for either a loved one or yourself.


Taj uses only the highest quality 925 sterling silver. This means that our jewelry is pure and nickel-free. Furthermore, 100% of our silver has been recycled and/or ethically mined.

Our gold plated jewelry is ethically and premium plated with an extra thick layer of 18k gold that has been applied with craftsmanship. The base of gold plated pieces is made of either silver or high-quality brass that has been selected to allow the gold to adhere optimally. Last but not least, our gold plated pieces have a ceramic coating to ensure that the gold remains beautiful for longer. As a result, Taj jewelry is not only beautiful, but also long-lasting.


Each piece of Taj jewelry starts with a hand drawn sketch that is inspired by travels, cultures, religions, nature and age-old symbolism. These sketches are then taken to Indonesia, where our jewelry is made under fair conditions and largely by hand in our local, high-quality partner workshop.

Our smiths receive a fair wage and work in a safe working environment and within regular working hours. Moreover, thanks to various programs, they can continue to develop and grow. There is a strong social safety net for all local employees and working harmoniously is a key focus point within our diverse and multicultural team.


At Taj, we source our materials with the utmost of care. But it doesn’t stop there. Once we start developing, our jewelry is processed without harmful substances that leak into the earth. The production process has been optimized in such a way that it creates as little chemical waste material as possible. Small amounts of waste that cannot be avoided, are neutralized carefully and by a certified company.

The local crafters in the workshop are continuously experimenting with new, sustainable techniques and technology. The idea behind this is that there is always room for improvement and even more sustainable ways of producing. Not only are working conditions improved where and whenever they can be; our local team is also constantly on the lookout for creative ways to protect the local environment.


In addition to our ethical way of producing, there are various social programs to help the local population in Bali:

- Local women living near the workshop are being engaged in the beading process, waving process and other production related handicraft. This way they can earn more income to support their families.
- There is a training opportunity for 'amateur' smiths; they are regularly trained by expert smiths to become ethically oriented professionals, so that they can obtain a permanent position in the workshop and thus build a better life for themselves.
- Money is collected locally to make a donation each year to an orphanage or nursing house

Last but not least, we guarantee that no children participate in the production process of our jewelry and we take into account the ceremonies that are so important in Bali. This way we do not only respect human and labor rights, but also the local culture – an important condition for our successful and warm collaborations.


Because we believe that everything is more beautiful when you share it, we donate part of our revenue to the Tree of Life initiative of the Dutch foundation Het Kan Wel! This initiative was created to restore the afforestation of arid areas.

Restoring the deforestation of our planet is very much needed. The clear-cutting in the world is not only sad, but unacceptable and even dangerous. By supporting Tree of Life, Taj tries to contribute to the recovery of forests worldwide.

Together, we’re making the world a little bit greener, and a little bit more beautiful. Together, we’re helping the world both consciously and fashionably.