How do you put a picture in a medallion?

How do you put a picture in a medallion?

The Taj mom medallion is especially designed for mothers. The personalized medallion is engraved and you can place a photo in it – or if you like, even two photos. This way you can always carry your child(ren) close to you. How to put a photo in the locket? Here’s a brief instruction.

Step 1: choose and crop a photo

Choose a digital photo and make a beautiful crop. Please note that the medallion is oval, and the corners of the photo will fall off.

Step 2: resize the photo

Open the chosen photo in a photo editing program. Look for the option 'resize' and enter the correct dimensions here: 21 x 11 mm. It is important to maintain the aspect ratio of the photo.

If you can’t resize in centimeters, then you can try to open the file properties (for example in Paint). Change the ‘units’ from pixels or inches to ​​'centimeters', and enter the correct measurements in centimeters here: 21 x 11 mm, or 0,21 x 0,11 cm.

Step 3: print the photo

Print the photo yourself on photo paper or have it printed at a shop. From specialty photo shops to drug stores: you can easily have digital photos printed in many places. Tip: print more than one photo. That way you’ll have a spare photo in case it doesn't quite go as planned!

Step 4: cut the photo to size

Cutting the photo to size is easiest with a template. Open the medallion and place tracing paper on it (or other thin paper you can see through, such as a tissue). Trace the contours of the photo window and cut out this figure: this is your template.

Now place the template on top of the photo, and carefully draw the outline of the template on the photo with a pencil: this is your cutting line. Do not cut the photo exactly, but just on the outside of this line. This gives you a safe error margin.

Step 5: insert the photo in the medallion

The photo can be inserted behind the edges of the medallion. To attach the photo extra securely though, you can also use a little glue. Put a small drop of quality glue on the back of the photo, carefully place the photo in the medallion and press lightly. Leave the medallion open until the glue has completely dried.

Your medallion is now ready to be worn, with photo and hopefully – love and pride.

About Taj MoM 

The Medallion is part of Taj MoM. This collection consists of seven truly special, luxurious and highly personalized necklaces that honor the loving bond between mother and child. Part of the proceeds of your necklace has been used to donate a ‘newborn-package’ to a mommy and baby in a developing country. This box was full of things that gave mother and child a safe chance during and after childbirth. In this package you find a photo and the story of the mother and child who received this package partly thanks to your unique Taj MoM-necklace.

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