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General information
Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf aims for all the information that is provided on this website, to be as up to date and as accurate as possible. Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf also aims to make the website accessible and as user friendly as possible. Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf has the right to change the information on this website.

In case of inaccuracies on the website or information that is no longer up to date, Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf can’t be held liable for this or for any of the consequences because of this. Taj also can’t be held liable for any connection problems, disruptions or delays during the providing of information.

Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf also can’t guarantee that e-mail send will always be delivered right away or to any other delays because of internet connections. TAJ Trouw Aan Jezelf therefore also can’t be held liable for any consequences of this. Of course, Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf aims to make sure this won’t happen.

TAJ Trouw Aan Jezelf is not liable for the information referred to by hyperlinks, back linking or otherwise.  

On the blogazine on this website, we share our personal visions, experiences and opinions. We are no experts on the things we write about. We are no psychologists, chefs, doctors of dietitians. Using the information provided by us is always on a responsibility of the visitor of this website.  Of course we do our very best to make sure all information is accurate and based on reliable sources, but we cannot give any guarantees.

We have the right to remove comments given bij visitors of our website with giving notice to the author of this comment, on any given time.

We have copyrights over all of our articles and a big part of our photos (all our campaign photos and a big part of our blog photos). Do you wish to use an article or photo, you need permission. Mail us at [email protected] to ask this permission. For photos that we used from other parties, we also got permission before use. If these articles or photos are copied by the visitor, the visitor is liable for the consequences. Taj is not liable for this in any way.

No third party can claim any rights based on this disclaimer. Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf has the right to change this disclaimer at any time, as we please. If changes are made, these will be communicated on our website. The changes are applicable right away and in retro-action.

Delivery times
Taj Trouw Aan Jezelf can’t be held responsible and isn’t liable for any exceeding of delivery times. Taj aims to deliver every order within 48 hours that is ordered within the Netherlands, through our webshop. From business to business Taj aims to always deliver within the delivery time that was agreed upon. Due to infrastructure and transport between Bali and The Netherlands however, orders can be late. Taj is not liable for this. Ethical Fashion is also referred to as Slow Fashion’ for a reason; by ensuring fair circumstances for our artisans, ensuring that there is no child labour in our workplaces and ensuring that all processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, we can’t always be the fastest. We do of course aim to always deliver within the agreed delivery time and usually do so.