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Fair production

All Taj jewelry is made under fair conditions and by hand in our workshop in Bali. Fair means that we pay our silversmiths a fair wage and ensure that they work in a safe environment and within regular working hours. In addition, we guarantee that no children participate in the production process of our jewelry and we take into account the ceremonies that are so important in Bali. This way we not only respect human and labor rights, but also the local culture - an important condition for our successful and loving partnerships.


Our team consists of around thirty silversmiths. Some work from home, others from the workplace where it all started five years ago. We would like to introduce you to the three smiths who were with us from the very beginning and who now play a leading role in the production of our jewelry. No longer just employees, but after all those years together also our dear friends. A brief introduction.


Over the years, Nyoman has become our local manager in Bali. She misses a thumb herself, but forges silver as the best. When we met her, she spoke almost no English and we received receipts written in pencil; now she is chatting a nice word and we are sent complete Excel documents. Nyoman truly professionalized over the years, and that is beautiful to witness. Equally beautiful are her cheeks that have become so much fuller since she started working for us. Just like those of her three children, who are now fed properly and can go to school. Nyoman is an incredibly strong and resilient woman who still inspires us every day.


Wayan is Nyoman's sister. She always has a smile on her face, visibly enjoys her work. Maybe because she finally can provide for herself. In the past she lived from day to day and had to make ends meet. Now she has a stable income. She forges the most beautiful designs to perfection and is always there for us in crazy and hectic times.


Yes, another Wayan, because the people in Bali only use a handful of names! This Wayan is Nyoman's husband, and he is the most emancipated Balinese man we know. He is very proud of his wife in her role as a manager, and finds it no problem to follow her orders in the workplace. He is sweet, soft and quiet. And while his presence in the workplace almost goes unnoticed, he crafts the most artistic jewelry. Especially jewelry with details, his specialty. Bonus fact: Wayan also has the most beautiful big brown eyes ever.