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Ethical Friday: Ethical € 10+ giftcards for you to give away

Ethical Friday: Ethical € 10+ giftcards for you to give away


Black Friday? As an ethical brand that just doesn't suit us. Let's make it 'Ethical Friday' instead. Order today and get a giftcard from us to give to your loved ones. To spread the ethical word and double the jewelry joy!

  • Order € 50 and get € 10

  • Order € 100 and get € 25

  • Order € 200 and get € 50

  • Order € 500 and get € 150

You'll receive your (unisex) jewelry giftcard at home with your order. Beautifully printed and wrapped and ready to be put under the Christmas tree or to give away at any other occasion!

Ready to start shopping and giving? Shop our ethical women's jewelry & men's jewelry


As an ethical brand we highly value sustainability and fair trade. Black Friday is pretty much all about the opposite. Overconsumption, what Black Friday is famous for, comes with an ugly price tag. One that our planet – as well as lots of poorly treated crafts(wo)men – are paying for. We do not want to contribute to overconsumption and we do not want to cheer on the throwaway mentality that has taken over the First World. 

However, to make ethical the new normal and to be able to compete with mainstream and fast fashion brands, sustainable brands have to survive. And to be able to survive and even thrive, we have to reach more people first. We have to spread the ethical word.

That is why this year, we're introducing this new initiative: Ethical Friday. A day to spread the ethical word. To not claim a discount yourself. But to give it away, along with our message. Namely that there is a better and kinder way of producing. That consumption can be wonderful and beautiful – and harmless, or even beneficial, too. 


* Ethical Friday runs until midnight (00:00 CEST)

* Giftcards can be used online at taj.nl until 01-03-2021

* Giftcards are not redeemable for cash

* Our giftcards are excellent smile starters :-)

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