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If you’re a woman then this is your day! Though we do not advocate that one gender is better than the other, we would still like to take today to be grateful for being women and remind you of three great things that make us women. Ladies, you are beautiful.


1. We’re emotional, sensual and powerful creatures

We are sensual and in-depth, layered, delightfully complex and somewhat unpredictable. Our bodies are biologically made to survive being hijacked by hormones at certain times of the month, and with that comes an array of the emotional rollercoasters and a whole lot of crazy. Our emotions may drive us crazy at times because of the way we can unexpectedly feel like we want to cry or we get angry for no apparent reason, but at the same time our emotions give us the ability to experience depth and beauty in a way only women can know. We are strong, we possess the power to wholeheartedly feel empathy and connect to the lives of other people, to care for other people, but also the strength to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves. We are she-wolves: mothers, daughters, friends, hunters, fighters, caretakers, comforters and fiery dancers under the moon. We are a primal force and the ultimate gentleness. And that is why we are oh so beautiful.


2. We are sisters

At times the world pushes women to see other women as competition in terms of age, beauty and success, feeling the need to constantly compare ourselves to other women or the women we see in magazines. That is such a shame. Because in truth, we feel that women are one: we become stronger when we make that connection with other women and talk about our feelings, experiences and thoughts. As the author Judith Duerk once said: “I think we miss the sisterhood. We have been led to believe, falsely, that women are all against each other and in competition. But it’s just not true when you look beneath the surface.” How beautiful would it be if one day women could look underneath this surface, that they would spend less time criticizing and comparing themselves to others and instead embraced each other’s differences to connect to share wisdom and help each other in life?


3. A walking revolution

Our sex is part of a walking revolution; in the last hundred years woman have come so far in terms of rights, equality and freedom! Though our voices were silenced and ignored for centuries, today we can proudly say that our voices are louder than ever. So let us also take this day to commemorate and silently thank all the women before us, who were brave enough to help fight for all the rights we now have today. But our work is not over yet; women’s rights in others parts of the world, the fight against sexism and the cultural objectification of women are but a few examples of things that still have a long way to go before they’re up to par. So let us continue to fight for ourselves and our fellow women in this generation and the next.



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